Roller Skating in Rome, NY Since 1976 — (315) 337-8744

Price & Hours

Be sure to out our Events Page for special times!

Monday        Private Parties

Tuesday        Closed

Wednesday   7-9 $6 Music for the older generation

Thursday       Private Parties

Friday            7:30-10 $7 Music for the teens — All guests under 18 must wear skates and be accompanied by a parent/guardian over 21 OR signup for our NEW Frequent Skater Program. This program allows teens to skate without a parent. To register for the program, parent AND child should see management during any open skate time. Please bring photo IDs. No skate-mate rentals.

Saturday      1:30-4 $7 Ask about having your birthday party here

                        4:30-7 Private Parties

                         7:30-10 $7 Music for the family No skate-mate rentals.

                         10-11 Almost ADULT NIGHT $2 additional or $6 after 9pm

Rules for almost adult night: NO beginners under 21 on the state floor, all others under 21 you must have a parent skating and being respectful of the other adults and blend in, no skating faster or slower than the adults. Those that are under 21 and paid for the 7:30 session and stay and be seated/watching at no charge, if their parents are skating.

Sunday          1:30-4 $7 Ask about having your birthday party here

                         4:30-7 Private Parties

The above admission prices do NOT include rentals.

Quad skate rentals: $3 per session