Roller Skating in Rome, NY 315-337-8774

Price & Hours

Monday        Private Parties

Tuesday        Closed

Wednesday   7-9 $6 Music for the older generation

Thursday       Private Parties

Friday            7:30-10 $7 Music for the teens — All guests under 18 must wear skates and be accompanied by a parent/guardian over 21 OR signup for our NEW Frequent Skater Program. This program allows teens to skate without a parent. To register for the program, parent AND child should see management during any open skate time. Please bring photo IDs. No skate-mate rentals.

Saturday      1:30-4 $7 Ask about having your birthday party here

                        4:30-7 Private Parties

                         7:30-10 $7 Music for the family No skate-mate rentals.

                         10-11 Almost ADULT NIGHT $2 additional or $6 after 9pm

Rules for almost adult night: NO beginners under 21 on the skate floor, for all others under 21 on the floor you must be respectful of the adults and blend in, no skating faster or slower than the adults. Those that are under 21 and paid for the 7:30 session can stay and watch at no charge.

Sunday          1:30-4 $7 Ask about having your birthday party here

                         4:30-7 Private Parties

The above admission prices do NOT include rentals.

Quad skate rentals: $3 per session