Skate-A-While Longer LLC

Roller Skating in Rome, NY Since 1976 — (315) 337-8744
Roller Skating in Rome, NY Since 1976 — (315) 337-8744

Welcome to Skate-A-While Longer, Central New York’s only roller skating rink.

Skate-A-While Longer is now under new ownership!

Come in to see all of our updates such as the arcade, limbo, and new music. New lighting and sound systems coming soon, and more!

Join us for some laps around the rink and birthday parties for all ages!

The kitchen is open and we are making our own pizzas!

Come in to enjoy a night with friends and family!

Starting Friday, September 16th; back to our normal but new schedule as posted on our website

The Price & Hours & Events pages have been updated

The NEW party booking page is now live!!

Please go to our party page

Prices and Times are subject to change without notice.

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