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Birthday Parties

During the afternoon skate (1:30 to 4:00) on Saturday & Sunday

$125 for up to 10 kids. $10 each additional kid


  1. Extra hour at 12:30 for eating/cake/presents; not skating
  2. 2 pitchers of fountain drinks (but you bring your own food)
    This outside food should brought in and eaten ONLY during your extra hour at 12:30pm
    No outside food/drink during open skate at 1:30pm
  3. Skate rental
  4. Free return pass for birthday kid

Please limit spectating parents to 10, after 1:20pm
Please consolidate to 1/2 the tables after 1:20pm

$50 deposit (part of the $125) is due within 3 days of the email confirming the date of your party. Deposit is paid just below here or anytime we are open in person.

Summer Schedule for parties: as you can see by the calendar below, the birthday parties end in mid June and will resume after Labor Day. In the meantime over the summer months we will do birthday parties on Saturday & Sunday afternoons if we can get three parties of 10 on the same day, but we are not hopeful for that so it would not recommend to plan on it. The alternative is to go over to our private party page as we will continue to have private parties throughout the summer. Keep a regular eye on that page as it will be continually updated for availability as we determine a new summer schedule

If you are viewing this on a small mobile device, please turn it sideways to view the whole calendar and/or click on “Agenda” in the upper right corner of the calendar

Once you have chosen a date and confirmed that it says “Available”, then please fill out the form below.

Please note: These are designed as 4 parties of 10. If you go much over a multiple of 10, you will be booked for an additional party AND there needs to be available space for the party AND you need to pay another deposit.

i.e. up to 14 = 1 party, 15 to 24 = 2 parties

You will get an email immediately after submission confirming receipt.
If you don’t get this email, please check your spam folder.

Please wait to pay until you get a SECOND email confirming booking,
(this is a manual process & will sometimes take a day or two),
you can then continue and pay the deposit either here below or in person anytime we are open.

This second email will say something like: “Your date has been booked and you are good to pay the deposit now”

If you don’t get this second email, please check your spam folder.


Wait for 2nd email.

Then continue HERE.

Birthday Party Online Deposit


Pay now

The party host and family may enter up to 30 minutes early to set up, BUT we don’t guarantee anyone will be there to unlock the door till 12:20pm.

Your guests can not enter till 12:30pm

Any remaining payment is due when you walk in the door.